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About A total blogger hack to supply JavaScript JS to other blogger blogs.
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This script is a blogger hack and can not be treated as the other scripts yet. It came from here where you can nab it from if you don't fancy fishing around the source of this page to get it.

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Welcome To LiveJS

How does it work then? The Blogger item pages have been hacked to display only script and nothing else. All publishing notes go in the 255 char limit of the title or as comments. That's not a lot of space so I expect to use the comments section to feedback and document. (That makes this blog like a subject specific forum.)

the "RAW JS" for each post is hidden in a HTML comment so view source to have a look if you wish. Also the JS is available for you via the WARNING LIVE JS link. Furthermore the copy and paste code is displayed automagiclly for you under each post.

I collected and did not write many scripts and can therefore give limited support. However where it is clear to me where the script came from I'll post a link.

you can choose to remote load the script useing the auto code or copy the source.

You may find the posts here a little short of content. That is because the posts are used to store the JavaScript (JS) and as such content has been sidelined to HTML "hard code", headings and comments. Comments are only enabled for JS that goes in the body area of the HTML as this comment system on/off is used to indicate to the template to run the JS.

Lost? Don't worry all you need is the easy to find copy and paste code.

UPDATE: To start with most of the JS here was pritty much a collection of toys for blogs with little by way of real value. All that changed when Matt discovered AJAX and Rico which are both RICH WEBSITE JS frameworks. There are others and they will be added unless there is a copyright issue that gets in the way. At the moment other than hosting the frameworks Live JS has done little else with them.

PS: All comments are off while the new template is built.

New: ProtoType itself.

ProtoType itself.

New: rico.js (Uses ProtoType)

rico.js (Uses ProtoType)